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56,530 (Vietnamese & English) live Songs include 5TB hard disk in original quality for lemonKTV

Total 56,530 (include 36,870 Vietnamese & 19, 860 English) live songs with 5TB hard disk, original quality, with e-Songbook.
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  Total 56,530  (include 36,870 Vietnamese & 19,860 English)  original quality live songs in a 5TB hard disk.

Remove all duplicate songs ,add many newest HD H265 songs update to 2017. 07


Model No.
Songs Collection
Video Quality
Folder Range
Hard Disk
36,870 Vietnamese songs HD 720P + DVD + AVI /90/~/97/


3.5TB 0TB
19,860 English songs HD 720P + VCD /80/~/84/ 1.5TB


* This songs library include 5TB hard drive cost.

* Include thousands of hight definition songs with MKV(H264,H265) /MPG format.

* The Hard drive include system files in it,can use for  any lemon KTV karaoke player directly.

* All songs files are encrypted,  but un-lock, copy free, songlist.txt open.

* User can add own songs files and mix in it with private encryption key (verify-code), Not any conflict.

* If you buy karaoke player same time, we will install HDD in it together.

* There is a  SONGBOOK.xls file in hard disk, User can print it out hisself.  Download :   
( There are 3 sheets in this excel file, include songlist,Vietnamese songbook &  English songbook)



    Note: This HD song library just suit for KHP-8856/8866/8832 lemon KTV player,cann't use for KHP-8812/8807/8806 player


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