21 Years Later, Homeworld 3 Arrives

Or Nine Years If You Count From The Remasters

Homeworld 3 has taken a long time to launch, but finally it has arrived.  It uses Unreal Engine 4, with support for ray tracing, XeSS DLSS 2 and FSR 2; Unreal 5 would have been more impressive but it is definitely a modern game.  TechPowerUp’s testing shows that just about any card will serve you well at 1080p, at 1440p you will want at least an RX 6600XT or RTX 3060 to ensure you can break 60FPS with all the bells and whistles enabled.  If you are looking at 4K, a 6800XT or RTX 4070 would be the least you should be using, as they just scrape against that target frame rate.  The requirements jump if you enable ray tracing, however even AMD users will be able to enjoy that feature as long as you aren’t aiming for 4k.

If you are more curious about the quality of the gameplay, as opposed to the technical requirements, then pop over to Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN for their take on the game.  The control system seems to have been tweaked a bit thanks to the feedback from the demo, but there is still a learning curve you will have to surmount.  They didn’t fall in love with Homeworld 3, but certainly enjoyed it, and are hoping that the modding community might be able to make this game truly shine.

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