2025 Will Be The Year Of Skyblivion

The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project Gives Us A Date And A New Trailer

Despair not, ye who have waited to once again visit Cyrodiil for after more than a decade of waiting, we now have a timeframe as to when it will be resurrected with Skyrim’s assets.  The bad news is that it is still more than a year off, but patience leads to a better game than rushing at the end, right CDPR?  It’s been almost a year since we saw an update, but that has all changed and you can watch the new trailer at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.

It still looks very impressive, and in theory at least some of your favourite Skyrim mods can make it look prettier.  There is no indication if you will be able to use a bucket to snag the glass armour early in the game or if you will still have to use stealth to snag it while the vendor isn’t looking.  The Skyblivion team is separate from the Skywind team, working towards the same goal but with Morrowind, as is the team working on Tamriel Rebuilt.

We haven’t heard from the Skywind team in a year, let’s hope that this release prompts them to release some new eye candy as well!


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