2023 Hackaday Prize, Assistive Tech Finalists

Tech That Actually Helps!

The 2023 Hackaday Prize continues with the announcement of the finalists for the assistive tech category.  These projects focus on designing tech to enhance the lives of those who face challenges that many of us do not.  One of the most interesting finalists have figured out a way to create an inexpensive 3D braille printer which can emboss Braille text on standard paper.  A similar project skipped the dead trees to create a “Electromechanical Refreshable Braille Display”, which uses inexpensive magnets to provide a tactile web experience.

There are also projects to help the hearing impaired visually detect the sounds occurring around them and a robotic hand which is able to translate spoken words into ASL.  All the projects can be found in their entirety at Hackaday, for to be able to qualify to become a finalist the participants need to provide complete material lists and detailed instructions on how to assemble the components into a working design.

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