1600W Of Prime Seasonic ATX 3.0 Power, The TX-1600

With Not One, But Two 12VHPWR For You

It’s not exactly clear what someone would need 1600W of power for, but if you do the Seasonic Prime TX-1600 can provide it.  With that much juice flowing through it, it is nice to know it hits 94.29% efficiency at 50% load and at a peak load of 1895W it maintains a 93.85% efficiency.  It also won’t deafen you when it is running, hitting a top noise level of 35.9DbA with the fan running full out.  

As for the quality of power, Kitguru measured very tight ripple suppression, and load regulation within 1%.  Seasonic are so confident in the TX-1600 they offer a 12 year warranty.  The only drawback is that you have to pay for this level of quality, it’s currently $530 on Amazon, but if you need that much power this can provide it!

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