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Ram embedded solution development

     Support mainstream operating systems in the market, such as Android, Ubuntu, Linux system deep tailoring and customization and peripheral driver writing, and provide customers with one-stop customization services and technical support for the whole industry chain to meet customers’ diversified product needs. The main platforms involve ROCKCHIP micro core board platform

Edge computing box solution, industrial computer

    Based on the high-performance chip platform, the AI algorithm box provides edge computing intelligent hardware with multi computing power, high value and low power consumption, supports deep neural network algorithm, and integrates multiple AI processing modules. can be widely used in smart industry, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart production, smart retail Smart family and other fields.

Development of smart home electronic products

    The smart home system can be viewed and monitored remotely at any time through the device, which is used for the care of the elderly and children, company control, store monitoring, warehouse inspection, etc. it is your personal assistant for a secure life. It can also be used at home, control home appliances and smart devices, play music in your spare time, and always enjoy romance. Smart home makes your life more convenient!

Prototype development of household robot

      AI intelligent robot, liberate labor costs, patrol inspection, cleaning, meal delivery, security. Human machine interaction, automatic vending machine, intelligent express cabinet, automatic teller machine, industrial control equipment control, intelligent self-service terminal, intelligent retail terminal, etc. Enjoy the era of intelligence and make our work and life more convenient.

Multimedia audio and video technology

    Cross platform video and audio image intelligent processing, video and audio engine, graphics and image processing, computer vision field recognition and in-depth learning. The business areas include mobile app, smart phone, smart hardware, smart car, smart radio and television and other industries.

Intelligent business display, display and control terminal, face recognition interactive technology

    Intelligent business display system large shopping malls intelligent advertising machine, advertising remote delivery, applicable scenarios, 4S stores, clothing stores, subway stations, hospitals, coffee shops, bookstores, milk tea shops, etc., shopping malls map navigator, advertising malls do not get lost in shopping, visual intelligence, large screen advertising machine, multi screen display, intelligent business display system makes your shopping life richer.

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DIGITBLUE® Fanless Mini PC | Intel Core i7-4500U Windows PC | Industrial Micro PC | Dual Gigabit Ethernet WiFi | 6*RS232/485 8*USB | HDMI VGA 4G LTE

X26A Industrial Mini PC Intel Core i7-5500U/4500U i5-4200U. Intel Celeron 2955U J1900 Processors


  •  Support Windows 7. Windows 8 & 8.1. Windows 10. WISE7. WISE8. Linux. VxWorks
  •  Includes 4x USB2.0. 4x USB3.0. 2x LAN Gigabit Ethernet. 6x Serial Port ( COM1 to COM 4 are RS232. COM5 COM6 can be adjusted to RS232 or RS485 ) . 1x SPK. 1x MIC
  •  Compatible 1x DDR3L 1.35V memory. Support dual hard drive combination. 1x mSATA. 1x 2.5 inch HDD/SSD;
  • ?? Fanless construction. zero noise & dustproof
  •  Energy-saving. up to 80% save than traditional PC;
  •  Support watchdog. RTC Wake Up. wake-on-LAN. Auto power on when power failure. Diskless booting. trigger switch. Virtualization and more.
  • Support WiFi. 3G/4G module & SIM card.