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SKD of Karaoke Multi-functional Decode Board(One Screen)
SKD of Karaoke Multi-functional Decode Board(One Screen)
Item No.:SG-6430
Simply description:Mainboard apply for one-screen HDD karaoke machineKHP-8812/8807/8806;HDMI,SD/USB card karaoke player,multimedia player,DVD player 
Member Price:$75.00
VIP Price:$70.00
Quantity: Set
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  Detail description

       SG-6430 multi-function decode board is a high-performance products that pressional development by our company, it is one of the most important product in our campany, the hardware and the software are independent development by our company,and possession copyright. This type of multi-function decode board use a wide range,our company's multi-media single-screen hard disk jukebox (KHP-8806,8807,8812) and SD/USB mutli- function player (DMP-1103) are both use this decode board as motherboard. It supports single-screen karaoke system,VOD system,DVD system, and supports HOST USB,SD Card,DVD Loader, SATA Hard Disk, Coin and Scoring. Also can according to the customer's needs to changes the soft- ware function,even redevelopment. This best option is the best choose for customer to assemble and prodece the jukebox or player.

The feature of SG-6430 decode board:


*Select songs by OSD menu, max.30000 songs records in the songlist. Select songs by number,theoretically,  supports songs count max.100,000.
* Can be built-in SATA interface hard disk, supports the maximum capacity of 2TB,FAT32 format. 
*HDMI port : 480p,720p,1080i video resolution ratio.
  CVBS Video port & VGA port: 720*480,720*576 resolution ratio.
  MTV video files:max 720*480,720*576 resolution ratio 
* Menu support UNICODE fronts, can display the languages of many countries, include English,Chinese,Traditional
 ,Spanish,Japanese,Karean,Thai,Vietnamese,Russian,Khmer,Myanmar, etc.
* Support for playback song format such as VCD( MPEG1/DAT),DVD(MPEG2/VOB), CD-G,MP3+G,MPEG4(DIVX) etc.
 *Support for switch the Multi-audio-track of VOB file.Keep Vocal/Muisc status.(Audio A1,A0,C1,C0,81,80)
* Easy to operate, Karaoke with songs Reserved ,Insert,Replay and other function Interface clearly.
* A variety of ways to select songs:selected by number/by artist/by words/by language,ect.Operation directly and rapidly. 
*Super songs management tool: use SonglistManager software tool provide by original factory , can easily to create 
  and manage the E-songlist,Do not be required professional.
* Three kinds of way to add songs:1)can connect the computer with USB2.0, add songs into the hard disk of machine 
 by computer,and then manage the songlist. 2)Also can produce songs in the computer first, then copy the ok song 
 files into U Disk or Mobile Hard Disk, then insert the U Disk or Mobile Hard Disk into the port of machine, operate the 
 remote control to add the songs into the machine automatically. 3)Also can add song from DVD /VCD disc directly.
* User can customize the song menu option,easily to program the menu interface used for own operating habits.
* Can display score with cheering and applause after each song finished. To enhance entertainment effects.
* The function of INSERT COIN with active mode or passive mode ,can meet the customers for commercial purposed.
* The function of playback by random.
* There is IR interface, can extenal remote control receive sensor, it is use for connect with remote control keyboard.
* Support MTV song files encryption,avoid piracy. 
     Can use the remote control to browse the movies ,music, picture are stored in hard disk,U disk, mobile HD ,SD card.
 Support for multimedia format, as VCD(MPEG1/DAT)/DVD (MPEG2/VOB), MPEG4(DIVX-AVI),MP3,MP3+G,WMA,JPEG etc.
 Cycle autoplay function, can for public playing machine, or background music player.
      4 decode, compatible with various discs such as DVD/SVCD/DVCD/VCD/MP3/CD/ HDCD/JPG/CD+G/Mr.OKO etc 
 Video output: 
 (1) CVBS interlace scan. 
  (2) Component R,G,B interlace scan or progressive scan. 
  (3) S-Video. interlace scan. 
 Audio output: Dolby AC-3 5.1 Audio Channel.
 DVD CSS (Content Scrambling System) decoding 
 Reserved Analogue power amplifier, X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4 flexible zoom. 
I/O PORT OUTPUT : SATA port ,HDMI port , SD Socket , DVD port,  MIC SCORE , COIN ,Host USB ,USB 2.0 ,MIC IN , Optical ,S-VIDEO, Coaxial ,
 Video , 5.1 Audio , VGA (option) ,Extra IR .
SIZE: 180mm(Length ) * 115mm(Width)* 30mm(High) 
Chip Group :ESS6430(8381)+GL811E+16M FLASH IC 6+8M DRAM IC 
Weight  0.17kg
Electricalness parameter:  Input +12V/1A,-12V/0.1A,+5V/1A

Decode board I/O port map: ( Click can browse big map)

Click to big map
Click to big map
Provide SKD subassembly of SG-6430 Multi-functional Decode Board :

In order to meet the needs for many kinds of customers to assemble the machine and the needs of Engineering Development /Test Units , so our company assembled the SG-6430 Multi-function Decode Board to a SKD
suite,accept the wholesale and retail, both convenience the manufacturers to bulk purchasing, also convenience the ordinary electronic enthusiast to assemble by themselves, save a lot of trouble that buy accessories. We provide technical supports. If you have any questions on priece and details, please call and letter to advisory.

The SKD include these subassemblys :
SKD=SG-6430 decode baord+lines+SATA Line+sensor+remote controller+power supply+CD disc with system files and karaoke make tool saftware and lessons.

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